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Order Form for Personal Uckers Board or to register an interest/request a class of ship design to be added to the growing list of Standard designs.

Personalised Uckers Board Game Order Form

Draft design will be sent to this email address for approval

If for Special Occasion - Birthday/Retirement/Anniversary etc. Please allow up to 21 days from order to delivery, however we will try and meet earlier deadlines workload permitting.

*Required by date not guaranteed

Personalised Uckers Board

Example Image only

If possible use full title in instead of Abbreviations - example:

Commander United Kingdom Carrier Strike Group in preference to COMUKCSG 

(Ship/Shore/Rank/Branch) - Recommended 4, Maximum 7, Minimum 1

(Ship/Shore/Rank/Branch) - Recommended 4, Maximum 7, Minimum 1

Ships/Shore Base/Branch/Rank Badge for Centre:             Usually one if required, maximum of four (not recommended as with four the size of badges will be reduced considerably and limit space for any wording etc).

Centre Badge (if required) and no badges wanted in each colour

(Ship/Shore/Rank/Branch) - Recommended 4, Maximum 7, Minimum 1

Recipients Details

Only include fields that are to be added to the board design. Usually added to a Brass effect plaque on back of the board or if required to the centre front of the board.  *Branch/Rank badges subject to availability.

Please add any files that may help identify correct branch/ship/Squadron/rank/Establishment/Command/Barracks badge etc

Upload File
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